Everyday Heroes: Home

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Everyday Heroes Home is a real war game. Journey on the not quite endless run home as an everday hero. You have 5 minutes to get home before the worst occurs. Can you make it? This game is won one step at a time.

Run as fast as you dare, but don’t let the soldiers, mines and other perils catch you. If you could fire a gun, you’d probably shoot. If you could open a door, you would. If you had any other choice, you’d probably do it a different way. But the truth is, you’re an everyday hero just trying to get home.

• Retro 8 bit graphics
• Critical play
• Smooth tunes by Eric Skiff Music
• 8 bit audio
• Realistic 1 life mechanic
• Opportunity to reflect on the challenge of war from the comfort of your home
• 5 minutes of simplicity

Penguin Roll Select Level ScreenPenguin Roll Select Level Screen

Penguin Roll Select Level Screen

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